"The Cooler King" from "The Great Escape" - Steve McQueen

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Steve McQueen was one of Hollywood's top movie stars and a leading man loved by women and envied men.  His classic roles in films like The Great Escape, Bulitt and Papillion will live for all time.  Not content with stardom McQueen lived on the edge, as a race-car driver and motorcycle racer and collector.

Star Ace is proud to present this timeless movie hero as 1/6 action figure as seen in the MGM classic "The Great Escape".  This highly detailed figure of Capt. Virgil Hilts aka "The Cooler King" features an authentic likeness fully endorsed by the McQueen estate and an accurate film costume including a scaled replica of the famous bomber jacket.  He will include his baseball glove and along with an assortment of accurate movie accessories.  To be released in Q4 2014, this high grade 1/6 figure is the ultimate Steve McQueen collectible.



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