News Announcemnet : "Queen Gorgo" 1/6 scale collectible figures from the film “300” from Warner Bros. studios.

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Star Ace Toys Ltd. is pleased to announce that they will be producing one sixth scale collectible figures from the film “300” from Wtells the tale of King Leonidas of Sparta, who held off an invading army with only 300 battle-hardened warriors.

Star Ace will produce figures of both King Leonidas, as portrayed by Gerard Butler, and his loyal wife Queen Gorgo, portrayed by Lena Headey. Star Ace one sixth scale collectible figures are produced in exacting detail and feature authentic actor likenesses and cloth costumes, with accessories befitting the characters. Leonidas will feature an all new muscle body designed especially for him. He will also feature two different head sculpts, one with a “screaming” expression. Queen Gorgo will have authentic sewn hair and a screen accurate gown.

Star Ace Toys Ltd. creates high quality collectible action figures from popular pop culture licenses.



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